In May 2011, the International 420 Class Association launched a free online Training Video to provide coaching and training tips for both the beginner and experienced 420 sailors.

Sailors are always looking for ways to improve their sailing techniques, improve manoeuvres and get the most out of the time spent on the water and this online resource is set to provide a significant step towards this objective.

Developed by the International 420 Class Association in partnership with Nick Drougkas – the training video is broken down into easily digestiblesections, which you can view as separate video clips. The video focuses on:

  • Preparation and General
  • Lightwinds
  • Medium Winds
  • Strong Winds

To play in full screen – click on the YouTube link in the bottom right hand corner of each video

Special thanks to the sailors George Vasilas and Akylas Drougkas for their offer to take part in the project. Vasilas was 420 Junior European Champion in 2003 and Drougas was 420 Junior European Champion in 2008 and second at the 2008 420 Junior Worlds.