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420 to the Max

Exercises including kinetics, mark roundings, steering, the boat upwind, reaching, downwind, training skills in all wind conditions and fun skills.

420 Sailing Center

Something   B I G   is coming soon.

420 E-Book Training Resource

A unique training resource for coaches and sailors, introducing by stage for Basic, Racing and Advanced. Within each stage there are warm-up exercises, training exercises, boat handling and manoeuvre exercises.

About  Nikos

Born on November 9th 1975.

Has sailed Optimist, 420, 470, J24, Mumm 36, Farr 40 and ILC 40.

Coaching since 1997 in Optimist and Team Racing, 420 and 470 classes during which time his athletes have won several titles in World and European Championships.

He is a member of and acting general secretary of the Greek Coaches Union.

He is a certified National Measurer in Dinghy Classes since 2003.

The International 420 Class has selected Nikos to organize and perform several development events around the world, including their cooperation in the development of the educational DVD “420 TO THE MAX”.

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  • Training Camp/Clinics

    Camps/Clinics organised all year round!

  • NEW !!! - 420 Exercise Book is now online !

    The e-Book provides a clear explanation of the purpose of the training technique, details of equipment required and guidance on how to evaluate performances for sailors of all abilities, as well as sections including boat preparation and setting up a 420. The video and animation break down the manoeuvres into easily digestible chunks. Additional advice, tips and debrief notes provide maximum guidance and best methods of benchmarking sailors’ progress.

    Packed with imaginative training techniques, the e-Book will prove to be an invaluable resource for coaches and sailors. The range of exercises covers Basic, Racing and Advanced level sailors. The e-Book includes warm-up exercises, training exercises, boat handling and manoeuvre exercises.

    Coming together with other sailors and a coach to train is a great experience, but the online resource will also help those who are training individually and unable to regularly work with a coach.

    Find out more at 420 e-Book, at:

  • Start your training today!

    Use all online material to get into depth knowledge of your boat. Available for free to everyone!

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